Danila con il cane



I'm a journalist I love words, poems, people, books and my dog. I always paid attention to the use of words. Words like natural stones could be heavy, pointed, evocative. I do not stop to "play" with words, now I "play "also with stones more or less precious, full of energy and colours. I "tie " natural stones with ancients jewelrys to give them a new life.

Where the Tatà come from?


I was always fascinated by mandala, by their mysterious figures game able to capture my thoughts more secrets and make them as light as feathers and let them wander in a timeless space where the heavens are boundless, and where anything is possible and impossible at the same time, where everything changes while remaining motionless. Play with the stones and collect stones ... I can't remember when I began to enclose them in the palm of my hand... I was browsing among the stones, bewitched by the colors and the play of light. The nickname "gazza ladra" amused me, really fascinates me, only that glitters, what is valuable, which I like to manipulate more than own-almost an antique'd gaze right through-I catch everything that comes from the heart of the Earth, and that the man "fold" along with the time they sometimes corrode sometimes "discovers". I collected stones, coral, turquoise, jade pretty much worked, chalcidians, crystals, silver tossed in oriental designs, carbonates, minerals, garnet or small fossils ...

The idea of "cementarli" in a kind of mortar that I learned to colorizing, resting on a wide variety of shapes, I came to give life, to these little pieces of a world just mine, bringing to mind things already seen and sensations of colours. Maybe mandala, or rosettes or stained-glass windows of churches or drawings or details of paintings. I began to play and the game is still a game of balance, of chromatic harmonies, evocative spaces within other spaces, fragments of a dream ...